A Big THANK YOU from Habaneros and Don Sanchez!

August, 2013 | San Jose del Cabo

As many know, Don Sanchez and Habaneros are highly ranked on Trip Advisor. Some of the feedback we receive is in large part to the exceptional referrals from all of the concierges across Los Cabos. The concierges working in over 50 hotels and resorts frequent our restaurants all of the time with their family and friends.

So, we would like to thank them for not only their business but for sending us guests from their resorts and hotels. Usually, one of the most trustworthy people at a hotel is the concierge and we constantly invite them to experience our restaurants in their free time. What has happened over the years is that over 40% of our business comes directly from them without anything offered to them nor their clients but a great meal, superior services and all at an affordable price. For that, we would like the dozens upon dozens of concierges in Los Cabos that not only are clients, not only refer guests but are also our friends. From the Habaneros owners to the owner of Don Sanchez, a sincere THANK YOU is demanded for another wonderful high season.

We look forward to working with you for years to come and what is sure to be one of the best "high seasons" we've experienced this next 2013-2014 in Los Cabos.

This article is part of the August 2013 Newsletter from Tadd Chapman Restaurants group, if you want to read the full newsletter please click here.